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DaVita HealthCare Partners has acquired dialysis operator Renal Venture for $415 million. DaVita runs 2,210 clinics in 46 states. In addition to 36 dialysis clinics in six states, the deal gives Da Vita Multispecialty Physician Partners and Physician Venture Partners, which run infusion and vascular centers in three states.  — DaVita


The army is testing a drug aimed at preventing hearing loss as part of a Phase 3 trial. A search is on for a company to commercialize the drug. — The Wall Street Journal

AstraZeneca has added a Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Sean Bohen will be responsible for the progress of AstraZeneca’s portfolio of small molecules and biologics investigational medicines through late-stage development to regulatory approval, according to a company statement. He’ll also be in charge of patient safety across AstraZeneca’s and Medimmune’s portfolio. He previously worked for Genentech. — AstraZeneca


The pope’s widely anticipated visit to Philly is having a big impact on Philly hospitals. Elective and non emergency surgery has been rescheduled to contingency plans for pregnant women. —The Philadelphia Inquirer

Most home health workers will now get minimum wage and overtime pay after a federal appeals court restored the Labor Department regulation passed in January. — The Wall Street Journal


The Federation of State Medical Boards has unveiled a consumer-facing app to help people check whether a physician has been disciplined by a state medical board. The app also lets them check to see which states the physician is licensed. — Federation of State Medical Boards

SkinVision, which has an app it claims can detect early signs of skin cancer through signs of non-natural growth of skin lesions, has raised $3.4 million.


A Michigan school district became the latest to add telemedicine to its public schools following a vote by the Onsted Community Schools District Board of Education. — The Daily Telegram


People aren’t the only creatures to self-medicate, but it may be surprising to learn that ants do as well. A study has found that ants consumed hydrogen peroxide to guard against a fungus that grows in the soil and acts as a deadly parasite on a number of insect species.  — New Scientist

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