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We've got new reviews for dialysis centers coming in every day.  We put them on the front page then move them here for a few week so that you can read them at your leisure.
Leaving a review really helps improve dialysis centers - we have many examples of centers impriving their facilities and information after receiving contructive feedback.

Mesogeios Dialysis Center, Crete, Greece 5 star rating
Trying to find Dialysis on vacation is a nightmare. This centre made everything painless and wonderful. Arranged pickup early morning from my timeshare, the coordinator was extremely helpful and available via her cell phone and the facility is beautiful and well staffed. My wife was able to come to the facility use the wireless and if she wanted use the pool. If your are on dialysis and are looking for a vacation destination consider Crete. kgould 25 October 2011

Banjara Hills Hyderabad India 5 star rating

I attended three session recently, and am accustomed to private and public dialysis units in  both Australia and the UK. My principal concern was cross infection. Their procedures were excellent and I felt totally comfortable. Despite paperwork from Australia they did screening tests before I went on the machine, and naturally I came back with no infection. The staff were professional and  provided the correct dialyser,  Clexane and a lengthy 5.5 hours treatment as requested. Only negative - if you get hungry during dialysis take your own food = but they say that is changing!
I would rate them as highly recommended Thurless 24 oct 2011

Landspitali Iceland 5 star rating
I have been to this dialysis in 1995, 1997 and this summer. They moved and made everything new. There is more space, TV is new and everything looks very nice. The service and dialysis remained perfect. Sandrisimmo 17 Oct 2011

Dialysezentum & Gemeinschaftspraxis Scharbeutz, Germany 5 star rating

I have been here 3 times, last in 2010 and everything was wonderful. Friendly and well organized stuff. Lovely small unit mainly for holiday dialysis. I felt like I was visiting friends. I can warmly recommend this unit!!! Sandrisimmo 17 Oct 2011

Imed Levante Benidorm 5 star rating

My vacation was very well because of the service Imed gave me in August 2011! Very nice center with nice and professional personel :) Harald 14 Oct 2011

St Lucia Dialysis St Lucia

My wife and I went on a 10 day honeymoon trip to St. Lucia and she had her dialysis performed at this unit. Great staff! My wife also had a bit of the flu hit her on this trip and Tim went out of his way to get us some flu remedies like chicken noodle soupTom G 6 Oct 2011

Ospedale Alta Val d\'Elsa
, Italy
Tributes must go to Antonio Sidoti R  Numan 3 Sept 2011

Exeter Kidney Unit (Wonford) UK
My wife dialysed at the Torquay Satellite Unit several times on a recent stay in the West Country. The pre-treatment organisation was extremely friendly and efficient A Roberts 22 August 2011

Solna Gate, Solna Sweden

"Fresh new started centre with attentive care run by experienced staff"A Nephrologist 234v August 2011
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