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Going on holiday with the NxStage

Written by  Steve Bone
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Things are moving at a reasonable pace now. The Leicester Renal team have now acquired some dialysate bag warming plates for use with the NxStage, so come June, I will be off for a few days to try out the NxStage on holiday. I can have the supplies delivered to my holiday destination but I have room in my Land Rover to load up machine and supplies, so will fill the vehicle, find space for my two boys, and head off for some relaxation. Not going far on this occasion, juts a couple of hours drive away, to the coast, so if anything backfires, I can be back home in short order.

This is all really a pre-emptive move to try something more ambitious, but on this occasion, it allows me to be comfortable using the machine away from home, and also get to grips with the logistics of equipment, dialysis and kids! As I am self caring with no carer, it’s a test not just for me but for my boys too.

So, have NxStage, will travel.

I have read about many of the exploits of dialysis patients in the US getting out and about in camper vans and all sorts with their NxStage machines, and they have done a great job of setting the scene  and inspiring others to have a go.

I’ve holidayed abroad before, using a local dialysis unit, but this is the first time I will  be away solo!!

Now that the warming plates have arrived, others in the area have had training on their use, and are off on their holidays. Be good to read about their experiences when they get back. And, with the local authority getting behind extended distribution of NxStage use in the home, more to join in on this freedom soon.

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Steve Bone

Steve Bone

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