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The House and Room

Written by  Francis Quinn
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The House and Room

When you decide to go on home dialysis you’ll most likely need a spare room unless you prefer to have you machine in the the living room which i would not suggest. So a spare room is the best option my room is about 7ft by 11ft which is the perfect size for everything apart from stock so you’ll need to have some spare space for it also.

Initial home visit by Nurse & Baxter.

The initial visit is by the dialysis nurse and baxter the medical company who’ll convert the room and do the water treatment system for you they also supply the machine and most of the stock. During this visit  they’ll take some water samples measure the room and plan what needs to be done. My room will need 2 days work while this work is been carried out I’ll keep you all updated. Seems like allot of work but it’s not really , just put in the water system, electric work and shower tray for the dialysis machine to sit on so some plumbing but again each room will be different.

... http://home-hemodialysis.blogspot.com/2010/12/house-and-romm.html

Francis Quinn

Francis Quinn

Hi, I'm Francis and from Ireland and have been a dialysis patient twice in my life once in 1989 for 2 year and now again from 2009. I've done both forms of dialysis. Now am on the road to doing home dialysis. I've also had dialysis abroad in a dialysis center an intend on going on holiday this year again. I work 5 days a week as a Software Developer and mostly work in the office but i can also work from home. I really like my Independence's so for me being on dialysis does not restrict my life because i don'tt let it. I hope, to share my experiences of moving from hospital dialysis to home dialysis. I hope this will help to inform other to make the decision i did on moving from hospital dialysis to home dialysis and show it's not so scary Francis.

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