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The medical mafia

Written by  Kamal Shah
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There is a certain section of the medical industry that has become larger-than-life. At least they think so. They believe they are above all rules. They think both the patients and the institutions they work for are all dependent on them. They have inflated egos and no ethics - a deadly cocktail especially in this industry.

They are the middle layer in the medical industry - those between the doctors and the patients. They are somewhat qualified, somewhat experienced. Unfortunately, a lot of medical institutions depend on them to a large extent for patient care. This is where corruption has got so institutionalized that nobody bats an eyelid, there is no hint of guilt while committing acts that would have otherwise seemed entirely abhorrent.

This layer has become so unabashedly powerful that in many hospitals, even doctors cannot touch them. And patients? Patients quiver at their very sight. Those that protest are silenced by the threat of harm. Yes, it is true.

Sample this threat by one of these demi-gods to a poor patient: "You know what will happen if I open this clamp?", referring to the clamp that connects to the saline line in a dialysis circuit. If not closed soon enough, the patient can die of an air embolism. Later, the avatar of Yama, laughed it off as a joke. How can someone even joke about such a thing? The very thought sends shivers down my spine. Such is the breed. Many of them are not well-educated. Is that the reason for this callousness?

Not all are like this, for sure. Many of them are very dedicated, are in this for the passion, for the love of looking after sick human beings. But there are a dangerous few. Those that sully the profession. Bribes, commissions, lust for money and power, all dangerous traits. Each feeding off the others.

Even one such must be culled at once. How do we deal with so many?


Kamal Shah

Kamal Shah

Hello, I'm Kamal from Hyderabad, India. I have been on dialysis for the last 13 years, six of them on PD, the rest on hemo. I have been on daily nocturnal home hemodialysis for the last four and half years. I can do pretty much everything myself. I love to travel and do short weekend trips or longer trips to places which have dialysis centers. Goa in India is a personal favorite. It is a great holiday destination and has two very good dialysis centers.

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