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Session 3 4

Written by  Francis Quinn
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Session 3 & 4

Session 3 & 4

Session 3 was a very interesting one for me as one of my needles fell out otherwise knowing as a blowing needle. Now don't panic and that's what i did not do as cool as anything i was able to stop bleeding but luckily the nurse was there and she was able to help me do the recirculation. In the mean time i stopped bleeding and was able to re needle again and get on and get treatment again. You can tell someone all you want on what to do when something happens but when you get first hand experinces at it it's more helpful. But am hope it not happen to me again. However if it does i know what to do.

In session 3 & 4 I've been mainly doing what I've done since session 1 the more you practice on setting up the machine and priming it, entering in the data UF, pump speed, time that better you'll get at it. I also take myself off and remove my own needles one at a time. I have also learnt how to drain the machine and remove all the lines and put sharps in the sharps bin and recycling in recycling bin.

So its now 4 session and i would feel very confident in setting up the machine and priming it and also feel happy to handle the alarms i must stress that the alarms are not like the old gambro  machines.

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Francis Quinn

Francis Quinn

Hi, I'm Francis and from Ireland and have been a dialysis patient twice in my life once in 1989 for 2 year and now again from 2009. I've done both forms of dialysis. Now am on the road to doing home dialysis. I've also had dialysis abroad in a dialysis center an intend on going on holiday this year again. I work 5 days a week as a Software Developer and mostly work in the office but i can also work from home. I really like my Independence's so for me being on dialysis does not restrict my life because i don'tt let it. I hope, to share my experiences of moving from hospital dialysis to home dialysis. I hope this will help to inform other to make the decision i did on moving from hospital dialysis to home dialysis and show it's not so scary Francis.

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